Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It is already mid September and the filing of candidacy is nearing. Mayor Rody Duterte is now called by many to run for president of the Republic of the Philippines. The other three aspirants have already shown interest for the position, vocally and silently. 

Rody Duterte is an action man. Davao City is now the most conducive for investments because of Rody Duterte. Many foreigners come to the city and really appreciate the peaceful environment of the city. They move around the city safely, transact with establishments without fear of snatchers and crooks. Locals are very friendly and polite. this is a good sign that Davao City is indeed a livable city. 

Overseas Filipino Workers are pushing the city mayor to run and save the country from crocodiles hiding themselves in barongs and formal dresses. The volunteers that unconditionally support Rody Duterte are growing in numbers. Spending their personal money just to endorse the mayor to run for presidency. The people are already fed up with the corruption and trapo moves that sting our culture as Filipinos. The call is rising everyday and Rody Duterte is the man being called.