Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Preparing Andi For School

My second daughter is already 3 years old and by next year, she will be schooling. My wife told me that we should have a tutor for Andi so that when she takes the examination in SPC she will be accepted as K1 already.

Right now, Andi goes with her ate Ara in the evening for a tutor. Surprisingly, Andi really is doing good. I saw her paper test and she got a good grade from the tutor. When I asked Andi about it she was very happy to tell me that she got a perfect grade. I really feel guilty about this because I never thought her many things. Sometimes she would sat beside me and asked me to tell stories to her. 

I am looking forward to seeing her in school. I am trying to free my schedules so that when she goes to school, I will be able to be with her on that day.