Monday, October 20, 2014


This morning my good friend visited me in the store. Prior to his visit, he told me that he would bring me something and it was harvested in their farm. When he arrived in the store, I noticed that he was carrying a sack. I believed it was very heavy because he was having problem carrying it to the store. Immediately I assisted him and opened the sack that he was carrying. No wonder it was so heavy. The sack was full of freshly picked pomelo.

Pomelo is one of my favorite fruits because it is tasty and juicy when chewed. Just a little trivia. Pomelo is also known as citrus maxina. This fruit is a locally grown in south and southeast Asia. This fruit is truly juicy when eaten.

There is a trick in making the pomelo juicy when harvested. Local farmers would store the fruit for about 3 days before they remove the peel. This fruit is regularly sour in taste but when stored for 3 days, the juicy and sweetness will replace the sour taste.