Saturday, October 25, 2014


Politics and politics is often the most discussed topic in the Philippines. If you look at the television set, politicians are being grilled by government inquiries due to anomalies and irregularities in their financial disclosure. Recently, the Vice President is now being dragged into another hidden wealth issue. This is not new in all politicians in the country. Prior to this huge issue, the VP was very vocal on his plans in going for the highest position in the country and that's to be the president. 

This current administration spearheaded by Benigno Aquino Jr, is very vocal of get ridding all corrupt officials in the country. In fact, many officials are now being questioned and the former president Gloria Arroyo is not excused by her predecessor.  Many anomalies were discovered pointing to the previous administration. Contacts that were irregular and full of loopholes. 

Going back to the VP Binay, a normal person would be wooed by the huge assets shown by the blue ribbon committee headed by Sen. Guingona. Many are really expecting the result of this investigation. At the recent news, the VP won't show on the hearings. Guilty or not. The courts will be the one to decide on that matter.

Many names are now showing up or is expected to run for the presidency. This is just my personal opinion. Here are my top names that will show in the Presidential elections in 2016.

1. Mar Roxas. This DILG secretary is the most eligible for the position as president. He used to be the VP candidate but was defeated by Binay during the last presidential election. Mar Roxas or Mr. Palengke is very popular right now. His emergence as presidential candidate will not be a surprise to all.

2. Merriam Defensor Santiago. A legal expert and was a candidate to be the chief justice of the Supreme Court. She is no new as a presidential candidate. She was a candidate before and was defeated by Fidel Ramos for the presidency. Her straight forward thinking and reliable opinion is her asset. But she is fighting cancer right now. Running for the position will be very difficult and stressful for her. The mind is willing but the body is weak. But that is not permanent, I hope.

3. VP Jojo Binay. The current vice president and is also facing investigation due to his hidden wealth. He is also being questioned about overstated building construction contact in his city in Makati. He is the most influential person right now. He is an opposition candidate. With the case is going right now, there is already a cloud in his presidential campaign in 2016.

4. Sen. Chiz Escudero. A neophyte senator who is getting married next year to Heart Evangelista, an actress. Although there is no formal announcement from this senator but his name will always be a contender. 

5. Manny Villar. The richest senator at the moment. He was also a presidential candidate during the last presidential election. He has the asset and wits to run the country. The word "masipag" is also associated with this guy. If he could find a good VP candidate for him then he will be a good choice.

6. Sen. Bongbong Marcos. His family name can speak. The son of the Former president Ferdinand Marcos. Sen. Marcos was a big surprise last election. With his tract record as a congressman and all the projects he made to his hometown, Sen. Marcos will be a good option. I hope history will not repeat again if he is the president. 

I would like to reiterate that this is just my personal opinion for the coming presidential election. I just hope and pray that the right one will be voted and not the scrap one.