Saturday, October 25, 2014


I thought home alone was just a movie in past. I never realized that it can be real and I am the main man in the story. Today, I am home alone. My children and my wife are all out. Just this morning, they left for a night stay at the hotel of my sister in law at Seda Hotel in the downtown area, exactly beside Ayala Mall. 

Seda Hotel here in Davao City is a new hotel and it is just barely months operating. But they also have a good remarks coming from different tourist and hotel goers in the city. My kids are all excited because they will swim in the pool of the hotel. I called my wife early this evening and a night swim is going to happen according to her. My kids were all excited about the pool event.

I told my wife that I cannot see them tonight at the Seda Hotel because I need to sleep early. I need to be in the market early morning to open the store. I honestly miss my wife and my kids. Home alone really is not easy when you have a family. I just conditioned my mind that tomorrow they will be home and I will see them soon.