Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Are you looking for a place to stay for a couple of months? Just before you make the down payment on the apartment that you like, consider these things before you do. 

1. Location. It is always ideal to look at the location first. It may be near of ideal to where you are working or studying. Make sure that the location is accessible and convenient on your part as the renter.

2. The building structure. Think twice before you select the place where you are going to stay. make sure that building has met all the building code guidelines and local ordinances of any rentals space. Never stay in a place where it is a fire hazard. 

3. The interior of the place must be good. Make sure that the place is neat and spacious. Look at the rest room if it is in good condition and clean. Hygiene is always the priority and never settle for less that your standard.

4. The price is right. When you select the place, you must also consider the cost of your stay. Make sure that it is fit within your budget. Never stay in a place that is expensive on your part. 

5. The owner is a good person. Most landlady are good but other are sometimes bad, often. Having a good landlady will give you a good vibes in the place that you are going to stay in. 

6. People around. You must know the number of people that are staying in the place. If there are plenty, then expect a loud environment, most specially when there are kids around.

These just some simple things to consider before selecting an apartment for yourself.