Monday, August 6, 2012


Its been a week already since my wife was discharge from the hospital after she gave birth to our second baby girl. My wife has already discharge but my little baby has to stay in the nursery room for treatment. It is nothing serious but I don't want to take the risk of not treating her. Our pediatrician advised us that our baby has a high wbc or white blood cells, above the normal range. There are several reasons to it and these are:
  1. Mother might have Urinary Tract Infection during pregnancy.
  2. Mother has a pneumonia during pregnancy.
  3. Mother was seriously ill during pregnancy.
  4. Long labor in the delivery room.
These are just some of the reasons why our baby has an above average in her WBC. In this process, she  has to be administered antibiotics to normalize the wbc count of the baby.We have to let the baby stay in the nursery because of that.

Yesterday morning , we were already informed that our baby's wbc has already normalize and she will be discharge by Wednesday morning. After 4 days of treatment her wbc is already normal. But since the treatment must be for a week, we decided to complete it for the sake of the baby.

What they say is really true about pregnancy. Every pregnancy is unique from another. There is no pattern that is being followed. This is what I believed to be the wonder of life. I am just happy that she is safe and ready to go home. her sister Reese Arabella is already excited to see her younger sister.