Monday, June 25, 2012


Many guys find it hard to ask a lady out or tell her that she is special without getting an eyebrows. Many find it hard to get to stage 2. To help you guys out there, here are my tips on how to win a girl's heart.
  1. Make friends with her. Many guys are too arrogant in approcahing a girl. The result would be undesirable. Never tell her about your feeling towards her. Just make her comfortable with you.
  2. Make her laugh. Trust me, girls love guys who can make them laugh. Just don';t make yourself look like cow on this. Just be natural.
  3. You must always know her weaknesses. Usually girls confide to you her secrets in her family. That's a good sign because it means that she trust you.
  4. Be a gentle man sometimes. Remembering her makes a girl feel special and would like to be with you.
  5. Be close to her friends and people around her.
With these simple tips, You will definitely get that date you are longing for.