Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sunday is considered the most important day of the week because it is the market day of the week. During Sunday, many vendors are in the market selling their products and many customers are also in the market to buy their weekly consumption during Sundays. Like me, I prefer going to the market on Sunday because I know that all the items are present. Unlike in the weekdays where you get few items in the market.

I already bought the grocery items in the market. I still have to go to the market this afternoon so that I can buy the lacking items in the grocery list that I was not able to buy. It may be the best day to buy. But sometimes doing the market in the Sunday can be very tiring because there are many people crowded in the market. You cannot move fast because of the crowd. I am just glad that I am already here in the house, blogging about the things I experience in the market today.