Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago. Having this illness is not easy for me. I used to weight around 80 kilos and now, I am already 60 kilos. My doctor told me that I must have a proper diet or else my condition will worsen if not properly handled. I have this friend doctor about 10 years already and since he moved to another country, I decided to transfer to another doctor to monitor my case of diabetes.

I am a non-smoker and have been monitoring my condition pretty well. This time, I was told to take Actos, a kind of drug for patients with diabetes. As I continue taking the drug, I noticed that I am experiencing pain in my bladder area. I immediately consulted a specialist and he told me that I have bladder cancer. I was shocked by the turn of events. Form a simple and treatable diabetes, now I have more complicated bladder cancer. My doctor asked me about the medicines that I am taking. I told him about the actos drug. He said to me that the drug that I take can lead to bladder cancer, especially I don't smoke. Immediately, I called up my lawyer and prepare a case against this company. He is actos lawyers who specializes in this kind of cases. My sensitive condition have worsen because of the actos that I took. I am looking forward for justice to my part. And by this case that I filed, I am very confident that justice will be given to me.