Monday, October 3, 2011


Our company is holding a sports fest right now and we are still in the elimination part of the sports fest. Tonight, me and my office mate, Sharon, we scheduled to face a team from the Sun Pride Foods. This company is our sister company. We were scheduled to play a badminton match. I was very confident that we will win the match because I saw the list of players that we were supposed to meet. But I was not expecting for a replacement player for the player that we wished to be our opponent.

We were scheduled for the forth match of the night. We were already practicing our smashes and drop shots when I noticed my shoe was loosing its grip or my shoes are not fir for the match. Thanks to the ever nearby friends who lend me his slippers.

It was a slow start for us. It was like testing the water for both teams. But in the middle of the game, our level of gameness elevated to the point that we were too eager to smash the shuttle cock and hit it has hard as we can. The final score of the badminton match was 31-21 in favor of our team. I think I really need to make some series of practice with my partner so that we can get to feel each other and prepare for the upcoming matches.