Sunday, October 23, 2011


I just got home from Davao City. I was driving around 80 km/h just to get here because I am starving. I missed my lunch because I was so tired from driving. I rested around 12 noon and I woke up around 2 pm already. Immediately, I went to the house that I leased to get the food stand inside the house. I waited for any jeep that I can hire to bring the food stand to our house but no avail. I told the renter that I will just come back again tomorrow for the stand.

After there, I went to the house of my brother for a family meeting with my aunts and uncles. It for our Christmas party this coming December. I stayed there for about 2 hours and went home immediately because I needed to drive around 1 hour and a half just to get home. Arriving in Tagum City, I went immediately to the grocery to buy the goods that were not bought this morning in the market. My stomach was already on protest. I tried to buy in food stores inside the mall but nothing was worth my money. So, I went home with the groceries and fetch my wife since she was already done in the office.

The home was the place where I know that I will be able to eat my food. The table was already prepared for me and my wife. I did not wait for my wife because I was already very hungry. Finally I tasted good food cooked in the house. I had soup and vermicelli for dinner. I consumed all the rice in the rice cooker. That is how hungry I am. After my meal, I can say that I am already very full. Thank God I am already home.