Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Me and my wife just celebrated our third year wedding anniversary last October 11. It was just an ordinary celebration. Instead of cooking in the house, we opted to go and have a dine out with our baby. Around 8 pm, we went to Miko's Brew here in Tagum City. We planned to have a durian fest after the dinner but that did not materialized because of some unforeseen event in the office of my wife. But thank God everything went smoothly. I did not give her any flowers. Just my mere presence was already enough she said.

As part of our post wedding anniversary celebration, we will be going to Manila. It will be a leisure trip and at the same time a business trip as well. We will be searching for suppliers for our planned business. Manila is the best place to search for suppliers since most of the companies are there. We are leaving by Saturday around 11 am and we will be coming home by Wednesday, the following week. We will not be bringing Ara because it would be easier for our part since we will be doing walks in Manila. We still don't know where we will be staying the once we arrive. Good thing my wife has this Smart phone that we can use to navigate and search for nearby hotels and inns where we can stay. Its really cool since we don't know where we are going. Just like our trip in Hong Kong where we did not have any itinerary we just follow our instincts in Hong Kong.

Im in my field work right now and I have to be home by Friday since we will be traveling to Davao and the following day, we will be in Manila. For sure, we will be missing our little angel, Reese Arabella P. Rojas since this is the first time both of us are away for a long 4 days.