Friday, September 16, 2011


I always make sure that when I am in the house, my attention is always in my little precious daughter. We play and laugh together. I feed her and give her milk, since she still wants it. And after, its play time once again. Its a bonding time for the both of us. While reading a book, I asked my daughter whats her name and she answered "ARA". Its so funny to hear but it brings joy to my ears. My daughter is growing and is learning new things. I am just happy to be around to hear her speak out her name. Call me a stage father because I am. I just want to spend more time with her since she will only pass this stage once.

Me and my wife are both doing our part is teaching our daughter things that she must know and learn. Aide from her three letter name, she also knows the fruit banana and she calls it "NANA". Every time I point my fingers to the banana she will always say "NANA". Well, that's part of growing.