Monday, September 12, 2011


I was on my way to Tagum City on board the public utility bus. The bus has this television inside but the channel was not clear. I thought it was another pirated movie playing but it was not. The 2011 Miss Universe was on show. Well, since there is no other movie better to have something to watch than just wait and sit on a hour trip going to Tagum City.

It was already on the top 5 finalist. Countries were miss China, Ukraine, Brazil (host country), Philippines (my bet) and Angola. I am a Filipino and miss Philippines is my choice to win the prestigious award because the country is in drought for about 40 years already for the Miss Universe crown. Last year was a close one and this time was closer.

I was on full alert when the top countries were called. I was so eager to hear who will win the 2011 Miss Universe crown. Among the 5 countries, Miss Angola was the one chosen to become the 2011 Miss Universe. She was very pretty and answered her question very well. Brazil and the Ukraine landed bronze and silver awards. Congratulations Miss Angola for winning the Miss Universe 2011. She deserve it really.