Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was driving this evening towards home and notice the rain was getting stronger and stronger. It is like an ocean of water pouring in the streets. When there is rain, expect that there will be flood and that what happened this evening. Many cars lined up just to avoid the deep area of the road. There was a crosswind that did not make it because of the flood. The driver underestimated the water in the entrance of G.S.I.S. building in Matina. I guess he is still there waiting for the flood to go down.

I thought that we will be one of the stranded vehicles in the vicinity due to the flood. I maintained a low gear and slowly break into the water. Many drivers looked at me, amazed of what I am going to do. Some vehicles decided wait for the flood subside before they continue driving. But I am very confident of Honda City 2003 model that I am driving. I have seen worst scenarios of flood and still my car did not let me down.

The rain is still pouring hard right now and I am just very thankful that I am already safe at home.