Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday was a sad day for the Rojas Clan. Our grandmother, Lola Goyang passed away at 94 years old. My brother called me up earlier in the morning informing me that our grandmother was admitted in the hospital and was in the intensive care unit. According to my brother, our grandmother was unconscious and the doctors said that it was a bad condition for our 94 year old grandmother. At exactly around 3-4 pm yesterday, I received a text message from my brother and he informed me that our grandmother passed away already. It is so sad because I remember just last May 14, we were there in her birthday. I introduced to her my wife and her apo or grandchild, Cloi and Nicole.

By Sunday, we will be going there in full force. You know, I never miss her birthday. According to my cousin, lola was calling names and they believed that she was calling the name of my mother. I think it was her last bid to say goodbye to all of us.

I had a dream last night and I was telling my lola not to blow my ears for we will be there by Sunday. It was just a dream and yet it was so real. I have to prepare all the things that we will be bringing by Sunday. My wife will be waiting in Tagum City and we have to leave early morning so that we can achieve many things when we get to Mati City.