Sunday, August 2, 2009


Last night, we went to Tagum City with my mom. I drove the car and the travel time from Davao City to Tagum City is about 1 hour and half and sometime even more depending on the traffic condition and road condition. We left Davo City around 7 pm and arrived in Tagum City around 9 pm.

Driving at night is very difficult since you cannot go fast as you wanted because there are several road blocks and constructions going on right now in the are. No wonder many people would prefer to take the bus, especially when traveling at night. When we arrived in Tagum City, we immediately went to our boarding house for dinner. I was already very hungry that time. My wife bought a whole roasted chicken at Elena's lecheon Manok. After in the boarding house, we went to the house of my brother. Mom immediately hugged her apos, Nicole and Chloi. After a couple of minutes of talking, we said goodbye to them.

In Tagum City, life is very easy and peaceful. Unlike other cities where time runs so fast and people are moving fast. What I like about Tagum City is that the commodities are very affordable. Fresh fish in the market is lower by 40% in it's price compared in Davao City. I also helped my wife in the laundry activity. I washed the wool bed sheet. it was very heavy to was. There is no washing machine in our boarding house. I have to use my hands in the laundry activity.

Now it is already 1 am and we just arrived from Tagum City. I am just glad to be blogging righ here in our house again.