Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been a coin collector for about 7 years now. I am already used to traveling around the world just to collect and find the most precious coins that I collect. It was last month when I met John, a rare coin dealer that offered me precious gold coins that I immediately wanted. It was an addition to my collection and at the same time a business opportunity for me. I have traded so many coin collectors around the world. After our acquaintance, I immediately bought several coins from him. I informed my co-coin collectors about my precious and rare coins that I got from John. John told me that I should monitor the prices of the gold coins that I got from him. He assured me that the coin's price would be increasing. I never imagine that the increase was too soon. I was called up by my friend and asked me if I am selling my gold coins. My friend was very interested of buying my coins. I was wondering why he was so persistent in asking me about my coins. I checked the news paper and found out that the price of gold coins increased by 90 percent. I was very shock and still can't believed that the price was very high. After several hours, I got so many phone calls asking me about the gold coins that I had. They were will to buy and trade with me. Now, I understand the coin collection can be very satisfying and also a good way to conduct business.