Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The president has just finished delivering her State Of the Nation Address(S.O.N.A.) at congress last Monday. As usual, many accomplishments and achievements mentioned but no results seen. I really don't want give any comments, especially on politics. But the I guess I really needed to. To shout my points of views.

Right now, the Philippines is conducting a nation wide vote registration to new voters and transferee voters. For the new voters, well what can I say, good luck in casting your votes and may you be honest enough to do the right thing and exercise your right to vote. I am afraid of the out come of an election and that is on May 2010, months away. It is because I know that corruption will continue to prosper. What I mean is that, we election new officials to rob our nation's. There will be no change no matter what happens.

Our people are very dumb and has a short memory of things that happen in the past. From president to president, corruption continues. It is just like stealing for 6 years and then passing it to another successor to do the stealing once more. Election is a change of corruption and a passing of authority.

For 2010, there are so many candidates for the presidency and most of them are TRAPO! The final decision lies in the hands of the voters, who takes over and the stealing continues.