Monday, July 6, 2009


Mom is turning 57 tomorrow. According to her, she will celebrate her birthday by just dining outside. Usually when she say that, it means that we are going to her favorite eat-all-you can restaurant. She has already made some invitations to her sisters and brother. My brother from Tagum City will be arriving also. Birthdays should be celebrate because it is a celebration of life.

I would say and I am proud to say this that my mother is the best in the whole world. We were just in our teenage years when my father passed away due to a car accident. Since then, my mom raise us all and took over the role of my father and mother as well. She was only 43 years old when dad passed away. Without a husband to cling on, she was able to get us through school. We finished our schooling at a good school without delay. She may be full of mouth sometimes but I guess that really is a mother.

Happy Birthday Mommy Heda Rojas. May you have more blessing and birthdays to come. I know you are doing a good job. Keep it Up!