Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I thought summer is over? This afternoons heat was deadly. I was in the city streets when I noticed that the sun was scorching the entire city. It's like walking along the shores at 12 noon. The month is already June and yet the sun is still scorching like summer. June was supposed to be a rainy month but as I look at it, summer is not yet over. In some areas, their streets are wet but here, the streets are scorching hot. Luckily I have an umbrella inside my back to protect me against the harmful UV rays of the sun. I need to stay in cold areas just to seek refuge against the heat. I finished my work around 3:30 pm and I decided to go home because of the heat.

Just as I entered the house, I immediately removed my clothes and went straight to the bath room for some cold shower to ease my body's heat. I also prepared a juice drink and some sandwiches for myself only. Tomorrow is another day and I have to prepare myself for tomorrow's task again. Sleeping early is what I am thinking right now. I will eat early this evening and postpone my TV sessions to take a rest early.