Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I would describe myself as a person who can keep secrets. Most of my friends would confide to me about their deep and darkest secrets in life. They say that I am the type of person who can keep secrets. Maybe I do. it is because if I don't, they would not even share a clue about it to me. I would say I am a walking bank of secrets. Aside from being able to listen to their secrets, i like giving advises to my friends. Maybe that is also another reason why they tell me these secrets so that I can render my advise to them.

When I was in high school, my girl classmate told me about her problem with her first boyfriend. I know I should not be telling this. But since I will hide her name, her secret is still safe with me. Her boyfriend was asking her if she really love her. The guy was asking for a night out with her to prove that she really loves him. I know this was a lame question. But it is getting to the nerves of my friend. She was clueless about what to say to her boyfriend. When she told me about this, she wanted to come to our house and watch adult movies with me. She really wanted to learn from it. She don't want to be called virgin by her boyfriend. I was hesitant to give an answer to the request since I am also a conservative type of person. But she really did insisted to watch the movie with me, in my house. I know I can be the type of person that can be trusted. But in some valid reason, I declined her request from me. I know many guys would think that I missed a good opportunity... But I know I made the right one. I told her that love should not be put to test just to prove to a person that you love him/her. When you start to care and show concerns for that person, beyond others, I think is already a proof of love.

As I was delivering my answer, I was very nervous and afraid of the result. I knew my friend understood my reason well. The nest day, she went to me again. But this time she did not make any request. She thanked me for the advised I gave her and for keeping that secret that she shared to me. She told her boyfriend about what I said to her and her boyfriend accepted the reason and told her that he was just trying if she would give in. Immediately she broke up with him. She called me a good friend for everything. I know It was not my best advise. But I was just glad to made one for my friend.