Friday, June 12, 2009


Many would think that cooking is hard. But basically it is not. When you love to eat, then you must learn how to cook that simple. Many would think that in cooking, you must learn the basics from a culinary school. That is totally wrong at all. Cooking is just like loving someone, you must put all the necessary ingredients to make it taste good. To learn cooking, you must be acquainted with the spices that would bring flavor to your cooking. Let us start by enumerating all the things that would make your cook food taste good.

1. Garlic. This is the queen of all the ingredients. Most dishes involves garlic for it brings the taste of every food here on earth that is available to be eaten by man.

2. Pepper and salt. This tandem always come together. You can add more a little of pepper but never too much of salt for it will make your dish taste like the sea.

3. Soy sauce. This ingredient is almost always present to all dishes cooked in a fancy restaurant or even at home. There are many brands in the grocery that you can choose from. But just a little hint, look at the base of the bottle of the soy sauce, it must be clear of residues from the soy beans.

4. Ginger. Ginger is an ancient spice that makes a food taste really good. You can also use ginger in soups and in making side dish. What makes ginger unique is that it always has this special aroma within that affects the food really much.

5. Onions (spring or bulb). Another vegetable that adds flavor to any dish being cooked in the kitchen.

These are just five of the most commonly used spices in every cooking stations. But to make the food taste good, you must have the big heart and love what you are cooking.