Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When I was small, I remembered doing the baking with my mother. We usually do bake cakes every Saturday evening because it was the only free time that we had for our baking. I was the one who sifted the flour and prepared all the necessary ingredients in our baking that time. After all the ingredients were all there, I would light the oven and place the cake inside for baking. Our baking would usually start at 7 pm and would end at 11 pm. That was how we bake cakes before. But now, baking is fun and easy with Dr. Oetker shaker. There was one time I was preparing for a birthday party for my niece who was turning 2 years old. I had to prepare several cakes for the party and doing the old traditional way of baking was not my option that time. I must make the the mini cakes as fast as possible for the children's party would not start without it. With the help of Dr. Oetker, I was able to bake the cakes for the party. I just add the milk for the cake and shake the Dr. Oetker. The kid really loved the mini cakes that I prepared for them. it also taste very good. it is a healthy baked product very suitable for parties and special occasions. This friday, I am preparing more cakes for our neighborhood since it is our founding anniversary. I have already the quantity if Dr. Oetker shakers with and I am just excited to prepare this cakes for all.