Sunday, May 10, 2009


Being a mother is not an easy job, if we can call it a job. It is a full time responsibility and dedication to her children. As they can say, a father cannot do a mother's job, but a mother can do a father's job. This statement is very evident to all single mothers around the world who are working and doing the cash in in the family just to provide food on the table for her kids. To deliver life into this world is not easy. Mothers would nurture their babies inside the womb for 9 months before delivering a life into this world. That alone is a good example why mothers are irreplaceable.

Since today is a special day for all mothers. I think it would be a good idea to treat our mother and give her something that she deserves. That is pampering her. This is not an entire year. Just one day, thanking her for all the thing that she made for us all. Nobody will be alive in this world without a mother.

Since today is mother's day. I would suggest that we treat her in some restaurants for dinner and maybe buying her a gift. It would be also best to treat her by having her body massaged and to make it relax. Mother's needed that. Hard days in work and or doing the house choirs is very tiring. By pampering her, it would ease her tired body. Watching movies is also a good idea or a facial spa would also be appreciated by our mothers. You can do anything just to show her how much we love her and presence is very important to us. Happy mother's day mom. We love you so much.