Sunday, May 17, 2009


It was a day supposed to be joyful since it was my grandmother's birthday last May 14. The road going to Mati Davao Oriental was not easy since it was under construction, maybe because of the coming election. But Still I was managed to go there. I was already in the place where my grandmother lives. We were on a convoy with my brother driving another Honda City. We were on hold and signaled to turn left when suddenly a fast rushing motorcycle overtake to my left side. It was only a two lane national highway and my brother was behind me. The motorcycle bumped my left wheel and destroyed my front bumper.

The driver of the motorcycle was only 17 years old and has a temporary student permit to drive. I thought the driver was dead of the motorcycle was dead because he was thrown to a house along the road. when suddenly the driver picked up his motorcycle and attempted to run. He was chased by my brother and residents in the area. After the police made the sketches, the driver was brought to a nearby hospital for some medical attention. The total expected cost of repair is 19, 000++ and this amount will be shouldered by the party that bumped my car.