Friday, April 24, 2009


Nowadays, many young people are venturing into the business world. It is because of the opportunity to make more rather than to just wait for the 15 and 30 salary days. Aside from that, it is also a great opportunity to practice what they have learned in school and that is business management. There are many great ideas that can be an origin of business. Ideas is the source of everything. For those who are eager to start a business, I guess you must start small. But it does not mean that your business will remain small forever. Think of building a business empire and a dynasty for the coming years. Many businesses right now are considered as small-medium enterprises. I was reading a book about entrepreneurship the other day. I find the book very interesting and worth reading. it talks about how to start a business. If I were a teacher, I would definitely infuse the book in my teachings. Many are called to start a business but the problem is when to start. But actually, that is really not a problem. The book that I was reading gave the answer to that question and the answer is now. Strike the iron when it is still hot. Because you will be able to mold something out from the hot still. This principle as applies to business engagement. Do it now or nothing at all.