Friday, April 10, 2009


This is another way to make the summer more exciting and fun-filled adventure as we go to Seagull Mountain Resort. This is 2 hour ride from Davao City to the mountain resort. This resort is owned by the Dureza family.

As we arrived in the resort, this was the view that made my breathe stop for a couple of seconds. The place was very cold. Many visitors would prefer to wear thick clothes to prevent the needle cold in the area. The place is breathtaking and the air is fresh and silence swarms the area. This is a 500 hectare property. According to the resort manager, only 10 percent of the total land area is being used at the moment. The Golf course is still being developed.

Ever since I was a child, I always dream of visiting a real falls. This is what the mountain resort is proud about. This is a 40 feet drop falls. The water is very cold and clean. Bottled water is far from the coldness of the water here.

This where all of the visitors would stay when in the mountain resort. You can cook you grilled foods and do the leisure things. I did not bring any swimming clothes. I was just taking pictures and watching my companions get wet and wash away the summer heat. Aside from taking pictures, I was also busy with the tequila. It is because I felt so cold and the only way to get heat, aside from hugs, is from the bottle. The next summer outing would be in the beach. Watch out for my post.