Sunday, April 12, 2009


I just got home from my trip to Mati Davao Oriental. Mati is about 4 hours bus ride from Davao City. But when you are in a private vehicle, probably around 3 hours, depending on the road condition. Mati was a former city. But the city status was revoked due to the income of the former city was not enough to be in a city level. The supreme court ruled that the city be returned back to the provincial level.

I was there to visit my grandmother who will turning 93 this year on May 14. Aside from that, I also checked the farm land in Mati for future plans. The major agricultural product of Mati is copra and second to that is corn. There are rumors about the entering of some banana plantation in the area. This means the conversion of land from coconut to banana. But this is still rumors and might not happen. There are some areas already in Davao oriental that has converted the rice Fields into banana plantation. If this would push through, we might opt to this conversion to gain more profit on our part.