Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was supposed to open my little store this month. But I decided to postpone it because I am still looking for the person who will assist me in looking after the daily operation. I have already made all the necessary things to do for the store. I already know where to buy the supplies that I will be selling and the pricing is also is already completed. I am planning to selling also liquors and cigarettes because these are fast moving items in all stores. In terms of competition, there is one store that I cosidered my model store. It is the convenience store across the street. it is open 24 hours and sells items higher than the market value. I am planning to compete with their pricing. A mark-up of 10-15 percent will be enough to compete with the convenience store. I am also planning to create a scheme where the drivers in the vicinity will also generate income. I am very much excited about this business venture that I am goiung to enter. Working is not enough nowadays. We have to be wise and start our own business. I don't want to see myself retiring from work at 60 years old. I want to be the boss in my own business world.