Monday, April 20, 2009


I was away for about 5 days and when I arrived at the gate of our house, my 3 dogs immediately rushed to the gate and licked my hands. others would find it grouse but for me, that is how my dogs respect me. I know their saliva has rabies. But I am sure that they are clean. Dogs are really man's best friend. They are not just pets but also friendly companions and house guards. I am planning to acquire a big dog, like a rottweiler type for they are said to be excellent guard dogs. I already inquired at the nearby pet shop and they told me that the puppy with this breed would cost around 15,000 pesos. This is a k9 papers registered. But for non-registered puppies, they are sold at five to seven thousand pesos. Well, I guess I have to stay with the locals because of the price involved.