Sunday, December 14, 2008


I rare visit the malls these days because of my schedule. But tonight was an exception. I visited the mall tonight and noticed that there are so many people passing by, looking for their desired items that they are going to buy. I know that Christmas is near and many are doing their shopping for the season. But I never saw these many people tonight, as if the mall was having a midnight sale.

Because of the volume of customers, the mall management decided to have an extended mall hours until 10 pm to accommodate the shoppers as they shop at the mall. Well for me, I was just contented with the window shopping task for me. I am still looking for the perfect gift that I am going to give to my officemate. I still got 2 weeks before our party and I believe that by that time I would be able to find the elusive give that I am going to give.

Tonights items that were on sale: guess, levi's, dickies, nike, addidas, converse, and others more. I saw an Air Jordan 1, a rare blue in color and a classic one too.