Monday, March 3, 2008


1. Start promoting your website to offline contacts. Create a business card or flyer with a product description and your web address. Before you hand the card or flyer to anyone, ask for their email address and for permission to email them a newsletter. If you have offline customers, tell them about your website on their invoices, your correspondence footer, on the cash register receipt. These customers already know you and are more likely to check out your site. They are also more likely to want your services.

2. Start your own email newsletter and email it to your current customers and business contacts who you feel may have an interest in your product or services. Fill your email with information and plenty of links back to your services. In your newsletter, ask them, and I mean SPECIFICALLY ask them to forward it to everyone they know who might be interested in your product. If you have provided good information, some of your contacts are sure to pass it along. In addition, ask those who forwarded your information to give you the contact information so you can follow up, too.

3. Submit your newly created newsletter to ezine and newsletter directories. The process is fairly straightforward, but you will have to place a link to the directory on your website. That's OK! In fact, it's a great thing. One of the criteria the search engines look for in ranking your site is the number of links. So link away.