Monday, March 3, 2008



Search Engine Optimization - Planning your websites structure and content so that search engines can easily understand what you are all about is one way to get traffic but results can be disappointing and months can elapse before any success is seen. The great advantage however is that if you are successful, your efforts can lead to lots of free traffic from natural listings for your keywords. The field of SEO is constantly changing but one thing which has remained clear is that writing your pages in a natural style with your keyword phrases in your titles and headings is essential. Forget trying to compete with the masses for single keywords, concentrate on short phrases your target audience might use when web surfing.

Pay per Click Advertising - The fastest way to get your website noticed. you can pay to be listed on search engines as long as your webpages are relevant to the keywords your prospects are searching on. Opening an account with Google's Adwords program is painless and administration of your PPC campaign is made very simple. Obviously the downside here is the cost involved which depending on competition for your desired keywords may be fairly high.

Article Marketing - If you can write articles of say 400-500 words much like this one, you can submit those articles to article directories such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles and have them listed and maybe even copied to other websites. The advantage to this is that the articles, or attached bio notes, contain a link to your website. This can bring in some traffic but the spread of those links over several websites can also help in raising your website's profile in the search engine natural listings.

Blogging - Adding a blog to your site or building it as a blog to begin with, can also help as blogs tend to be picked up in the search engines due to their constant updates of content. The search engines love constantly updated sites so keeping up regular posts is definitely a good idea. Write each post on a topic associated with your service or products using the keyword phrase in your title and in the post.

Social Bookmarking - Can bring great results in some cases. Using sites like Digg or Delicious to bookmark your pages with the appropriate tags can bring a few surfers but again those links can also help to raise your sites profile just like with article marketing. Use a good eye catching headline to attract traffic from other bookmarkers.