Monday, September 5, 2016


Many people are afraid of responsibilities. In fact, many would opt to rent a house rather than buy one for the reason of they don't want a long obligation of paying their house amortization. Here in the Philippines, this scenario is common. This is not new to the Philippine real estate. This post is intended to those who are already fixed in their mindset that they want a house.

Before getting that fountain pen and signing documents from a realm estate developer, maybe you should free you mind and think these things over for it will surely ease the tension of buying a house. Now lets start the ball rolling.

1. LOCATION. Well a real estate broker would love to see you smile when he/she handovers his pen for signing. The property location is first the most important  thing to consider. If you are working, the location should be at least a ride away or two. A far location will make you spend more in transportation expenses for the next 25 years.  

2. Longevity of payment of Amortization. Here in the Philippines, The PAGIBIG Housing Loan is often used by the working class. From 25 to 30 years depending on the age of the buyer. 

3. Surplus income to pay the housing loan. It is advised that a person that would avail a housing loan must have an income 25,000 per month or gross income. In this earning, you can pay your amortization with any problem. For married couple, the income is usually joined together.

4. House design and model. Well the look of the house is always considered before that buyer buys the property. Modern design always is the best choice than the old design. 

After knowing these steps, you can now start choosing the right house for you. Happy house hunting!