Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Deca Homes is one of the fast growing housing provider in Philippines. What is good about DECA Homes is that the affordability of every house that they offer to their customers/clients. Currently, they have housing developments allover the country, especially in Davao City.

How to apply for a house in DECA Homes? Well, you must have the following requirements to be able to apply for a housing loan with 8990 Housing or much known as DECA Homes. Here the list of items that you must have.

For Employed individuals:
  1. Copy of your 1 month payslip.
  2. 2 valid ID and 5 pcs 1x1 picture.
  3. Certificate of employment signed by the Human Resource Manager.
  4. Marriage contract (if married).
  5. Photocopy of ID of spouse. 1x1 picture, payslip, Certificate of employment.
  6. proof of billing.
For Self employed individuals:
  1. latest audited financial statements ( balance sheet and Income statement).
  2. Income Tax Return.
  3. 1x1 ID picture
  4. Bank statement of checking account.
  5. Valid 2 ID|'s. 
  6. Proof of billing.
Overseas Workers:
  1. Payslip for 1 month. 
  2. Special Power of Attorney given to direct family member. Consularized. 
  3. 5 pc 1x1 picture.
  4. Certificate of Employment with company contact number and email add.
  5. Proof of billing 

A DECA Homes applicant must undergo a personal appearance in the office just for clarification of documents submitted and a housing seminar that will be scheduled. Take note that the above requirements are the primary. The DECA Office might require additional requirements for the application. Just comply and application will be processed immediately. 

If there are questions or even bookings feel free to PM me.