Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Me and my wife have decided last year that we must have our own business, considering that our family is growing and we wanted our kids to be entrepreneurs in the future. For several months, we did some brainstorming to what business we will venture in. 

At last, we have finally decided to put up an enterprises business. It is more of the buying and selling kind of thing. We have already acquired a DTI registration for the business entity and our bookkeeper right now is doing all the paper works so that our BIR and Mayor's permit will be at hand. The receipts are also being processed right now. My wife is the registered owner of the enterprises and I am the one who will handle the sales and marketing functions. 

Honestly, I am a little bit nervous because this is the real thing already and this is our first business venture as husband and wife and business partners as well. In the preparation of products, I already finished doing the price list and product list that we will be handing over to our customers. My wife and I are very optimistic that our business venture will flourish and maybe in the future, more businesses will be establish by us, together.