Saturday, March 17, 2012


Tomorrow is a big day for my father as he celebrates his 63rd birthday. My wife and daughter is already in Davao City for the celebration. It is just too bad that I am not in Davao City right now. I am in my official field trip here in the province and I will be back in Davao City by the end of the month.

Birthday is very special day. It is because a person celebrating his/her birthday has so many things to be happy about. My father has a bad start this year. He was admitted twice for his health. In his birthday, I wish him good health and more birthdays to celebrate. My wife told me that they are going to make a vegetable pizza. My father is now on a vegetable diet. He is not allowed to eat any form of meats, including beef, chicken and fish. My father is doing well with the vegetable diet and I hope he will continue this so that he will regain his strength and health. It is another birthday and another wonderful day to be celebrated. Once again, happy birthday Papa Eddie!