Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's a Halloween season and I am sure there are many ghost stories out there that is worth telling to everyone. This afternoon, me and my office companions were talking about our ghost experiences. Our boss even join the ghost ghost story telling by sharing his own personal experience with ghost. From 3 pm and up to 5 pm, we were telling ghost stories.

Here is my question, are ghosts real? I know many would believe in ghosts once they personally experience one themselves. Here in the Philippines, we are rich with ghost related stories and experiences. I remembered one of my friends who went to corridor, the old camp or fortress during the Japanese invasion. She took some pictures in the place. But when she printed the pictures, she was surprised to see one picture of her with somebody beside her. It was a ghost that appeared in the picture as if he was part of it. Very scary! Because she was so afraid of it, she decided to have the picture razed and have a mass for that soul that appeared in her picture.

There are many places here in the Philippines that are haunted with ghosts. This is what I observed, ghosts like to dwell in old houses that are inhabited by humans. They stay there and make it their own house. In this Halloween season, we should always be cautious in everything that we do. We must consider that aside from us human beings, there are also other being that co-exist with us. We must respect there domain or else, we will be having having problem with this not like ours. Boooooo.