Monday, March 21, 2011


My sister in law told me yesterday that she is planning to go abroad to work there. She will tender her resignation by May this year and will go straight to Singapore to seek a better opportunity there. Her twin sister has already moved to Singapore and has job there in an engineering firm. My officemate also is eying to go abroad to work there. I guess working abroad is the "in" thing right now. Earn big and send it in their families living here in the Philippines.

There are many sites right now that offer work abroad. Local recruitment agencies are still looking for applicants to fill job openings in several Arabian countries and even in south east Asian countries. The requirement to be able to work abroad is that the applicant must be skilled or has a good work experience.

The most in demand jobs abroad are chefs, carpenters, masons, butchers, engineers, welders, accountants, nurses and even midwives. Aside from the professions mentioned, there are still other more. Job Placement in the recruitment agency will display more jobs that needed to filled with skilled people.