Friday, October 30, 2009


The May 11 elections for 2010 is fast and approaching. Many aspiring candidates are now doing their strategic moves just to make sound for the purpose of the upcoming election. I would say that this coming election in 2010 is a circus of good and bad candidates. Let us go deeper into the discussion as we tackle things and lives of the presidential aspirants.

Aspirant 1: Manny Villar. He was the former senate president before he resigned from the position because of allegations of the road that he approved the budget twice. That road project was greatly for his property that lies at the end of the road that he gave budget twice. He always use the slogan: "Sipag at Tiyaga". That is his personal slogan for himself. You would see him always in the television commercials as a good man helping OFWs go home because of abuses abroad. I would say Manny Villar is a champion in the commercial ring for the coming election for 2010.

Aspirant 2: Gilbert Teodoro. Not much to mention for this guy because I barely know him. He is the secretary of National Defense under the current administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is a good guy. But he lacks the exposure that is needed to run for the highest position in the land. More years of exposure, he will be a good leader in the coming years.

Aspirant 3: Joseph Ejercito Estrada. Come on guys! Do I have to tell you about this kingpin running for the position again. He was ousted before by the Filipino people during the Edsa Dos event headed by the late Cardinal Sin and the late Corazon Aquino. He was given a guilty verdict by the Sandigan Bayan Court because of his irregular activities when he was seated as president. He is full of guts, but lacks the mind to make a good decision.

Aspirant 4: Chiz Escudero, young and energetic one. He is a first time senator has not yet proven himself in the senate to be a force to reckon with. Say Chiz! As his famous commercial would always say. He resigned from the NPC party because the chief, Danding Cojuanco did not support his cry to run for the position as president. He is going alone in a war that he barely knows.

Aspirant 5: Noynoy Aquino. His real name is Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III, the son of the assassinated Sen. Benigno Aquino during the Marcos regime. He is the cousin of Gilbert Teodoro, who is also a presidential aspirant for 2010. His mother was the late Corazon C. Aquino, former president of the Republic of the Philippines. I would say, he became an instant presidential candidate after the death of his mother. He felt the burden of carrying the country back to its glorious days, where honesty, sincerity, dedication to public service and pride was the core values that the Philippines has before. I would say that in this line up of presidential aspirants, Noy Aquino has an advantage, unless cheating occurs again. He does not need to spend to much of his money because Kris Aquino is always there to endorse him. Noy Aquino, I think is more likely to win if the election is going to happen tomorrow. With the undying support that he has from the supporters of her mother and his father, He is a sure win for the Filipino People.

We have more days to count before we cast our one votes to these aspirants right now. There are many things that will be happening soon before the election day. Just an advise, we have been through many storms before and until the present. After the Aquino administration, allegations of corruption and wrong use of the funds in the government always hit front page. our nationality and international image has been ruined by our wrong decisions in the past. But I still believe that hope and change is coming right now. As we cast of votes this coming election day, think about our children, their future. A wrong decision would take 6 long years before we can change it. We do not need another people power to oust one. Just a single vote will do. Let us bring back the glory days that we once had. We must learn from the past to make a better future.