Saturday, October 24, 2009


I used to enjoy traveling but I guess my desire to travel is slowly fading away. I just got from my travel again and I am very tired. The bus was an air conditioned one but I cannot feel the cool breeze of the air conditioning unit due to the crowded bus that I am in.

From Kidapawan City to Davao City, it would take around 1 hour and a half. But on this trip the time was extended because of the poor road condition. Adding pain to the travel is that the seats of the bus were too small for me. I am thinking that I did not gain more weight. My knees were reaching the backrest of the seat in front of me. My muscles are all tired up and I needed to rest for a awhile.

Next week, I'm on the road again and I will be going back to General Santos City, where I will meet one of our sales force. We will be doing a work-with type of job where processing of new account will be fast. Aside from next week's travel schedule, I will also be going to Lebak Sultan Kudarat. That is the farthest area under Davao City serving and I have to go there. Based on my inquiry about the area, it would take around 12 hours total in travel going to the town of Lebak. That would be a good adventure for me. Lebak Sultan Kudarat is blessed with beaches and abundant in agricultural products. I will be posting more about Lebak Sultan Kudarat later on. But for now, a bed rest will do the trick on my soar back and muscles too.