Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Early tomorrow, we will be going to Mati City to witness and celebrate the 94th birthday of my grandmother, Gregoria Romero Rojas. From Davao City to Mati City, it would take around 4 hours to reach there, traffic is also a thing to consider. That is why we have decided to leave early morning. My other brother will also be coming with us along with his wife and children. We will meeting with them in Tagum City. We already bought the birthday cake and other things. This trip is very special because this is the first time my wife and my grandmother to meet each other in person. It is because when I got married, I only asked for her blessings without my wife with me because she was not allowed to take a leave from work. I will be checking the Honda City car that we will be using for tomorrows trip. Maybe by 6 am will be on the road already going to tagu city and towards Mati City the capital of Davao oriental.

Just a little piece of information. The first mayor of Davao Oriental was my great grand father. His statue is situated in the city hall of Davao oriental.