Monday, May 4, 2009


Before, it was the diskettes that ruled the storing of files from a personal computer. You can bring it and it was the best device to store files. But as the years went by, diskettes became obsolete due to the capacity of it. It was just 3.5 MB and most files go beyond that capacity of saving on the disk. Diskettes became a traditional way of saving of files. But now, saving of files is easy with the use of data travelers. It is a small device and trendy looking, capable of saving files from 1 gigabyte to 16 gigabyte. There are also other data travelers that has a 20 gigabyte capacity storage. It already works with windows files. Because of this, saving of files is easy. it comes with a sling for easy carry. With the use of the USB port of the computer, you can upload and save files immediately without any problem. I already bought one for me and I used it already for the picture that I got when I was abroad. I would say it very convenient for me to carry this device rather than the old fashioned diskettes.