Monday, April 13, 2009


This afternoon, my wife called me and told me about her cousin who is a PDEA agent was killed in an ambush in Cotabato City. The details of the incident is still unclear to what happened. But sources showed that he was in his place when he was ambushed and killed instantly. The nature of his job is very critical. It is because as an agent, you will go undercover and go with the bad guys, especially prohibited drugs. His remains will be airlifted to Davao City for the burial ceremony. He is still 31 years old and has a wife and kids.

Cotabato City is the stronghold of the bad and the meanest. Prohibited drugs circulate in the city just like a candy that you can buy in the streets. Drug addiction is rampant in Cotabato City. Many believed that drugs cannot be controlled in the Cotabato City because the leaders of this syndicate are high ranking officers in public service and prominent families in Cotabato City.