Sunday, April 26, 2009


Tomorrow was supposed to be the day when we, in the office, will be going to BlueJaz Resort in Samal Island. It is a new resort in the coastal area of Samal. I already told my office mates that I will not be able to come along with them because I have a baptismal to attend to. They understand my situation. I have to priority the baptismal of my niece since this is just once in a lifetime event for her. I also don't want to miss it since I am one of the Godfather or Ninong for common term. Besides, I already saw the resort and I find it still on process of beautification. The resort has these huge and verly long slides towards the swimming pool. The resort also has an infinity pool and the glider. The entrance fee of the resort is 90 pesos and the ferry boat going to the resort is 60 pesos. from Davao City the ferry would take around 15 minutes crossing the Davao Gulf area to reach the resort. I would suggest to all of beach goers going to Bluejaz to avoid bringing foods and drinks for you will be required to pay the corkage of the resort.