Friday, April 17, 2009


I just finished watching the movie of Nicolas Cage, Knowing. Let me give a brief insights about the film. The movie is about this piece of paper that has numbers in it. The numbers that appear in the paper are sequence of events that happened in the past and will be happening. The catch is that this paper was buried in a time capsule in a school 50 years ago. Nicolas Cage is the father of the boy who received the codes. To fast forward, the last sequence in the code was the end of the world. It happened and all were burned by the flames of the sun, except the chosen few, kids they are.

The story was excellently written. it was too good for a story to happen or might happen. What caught my attention was the last part of the story. The writer should have selected another way to end it not with the intercession of extraterrestrial beings. It was a fiction drama turned sci-fi movie in the end. But Overall rating for the movie is must see for all. There are so many lessons that you could learn as you watch the movie, KNOWING.