Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am doing my wallet clean up and I noticed that my wallet is already giving up on me. The wallet that I am using right now is chancellor. I bought this in Koronadal City, 4 hours bus trip from Davao City. The wallet is colored black and what I like about this wallet is that it is not bulky to carry. I don't put my wallet in the back pocket of my jeans because I was picked once. Since then I never put it there. I place it in my hand pockets. There it is much safe and I can easily check my pocket if my wallet is still there. I carry two wallets. One for my money and the other one for my cards and ids that I carry along with me. I went to SM the other day and checked out some of the wallet displays. I liked the MC Jim brand of wallet. I like the color brown. The price range is from 500 to 800 pesos. I might buy a new one next week.