Sunday, December 21, 2008


This evening, my wife and I bought a wooded closet for our room. We bought it at Shoe Mart(SM) at a deferred payment using our credit card. For six months, we will be paying around 1,000++ for the wooded closet. The mall is currently offering deferred payment to all credit card payments for items above 5,000++. The credit card purchase was very useful and the privilege is very good. I used to have very bad impression when it comes to credit cards. Several officemates of mine were having problems with their credit cards. The credit card company keeps on calling our office and asking their whereabouts. But now, I can see the benefits of having a credit card. Having a credit is a responsible and a card holder must properly monitor his/her credit card purchases. Once you fail to do it, it would be a disaster on the card holder. Surcharge and court cases are awaiting. My piece of advice, do not try to make a purchase beyond your means, especially income wise.